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Easy Home Customization: Styling with the Architect Series

Easy Home Customization: Styling with the Architect Series

Homeowners look for ways to make their home their own unique spaces. With the help of Pella professionals and the Architect Series, homeowners in Nashville now have the chance to fine-tune their desires and dreams into a reality through a variety of Architect Series possibilities.

  • Fine Wood: From wood windows to patio doors, Pella Windows and Doors provides a species of wood to accompany your style and transform your home in Nashville. Multiple wood types are available per your request. If you have a historic home, a variety of woods to select from is crucial to blend properly with your other pieces. Pella has EnduraGuard® wood protection that fights mildew, stains, mold and moisture, meaning you have a window that could be around longer and require less maintenance.
  • Customized Care: “You dream it, Pella builds it.” Pella Windows and Doors professionals can fashion almost any size or shape of wood window you require for your Nashville home. Older homes in Nashville that have wood windows might need to be replaced as a result of mold or moisture. Vintage windows could be hard to replace, but the Architect Series means custom sizes can be fashioned for homeowners. They are also able to re-make any custom glass colors, textures or patterns for you that could have been a vintage feature in your historic home.
  • Positive Protection: The Architect Series features a well-tested glass in the event your wood windows face high impact events like hurricanes or bad storms. The HurricaneShield® is impact-resistant, fights wind, water and debris. It even features an interlayer for protection that does not break, even when the glass is shattered.

For more information on the Architect Series, visit our Pella Showroom in Nashville, or contact the Pella Windows and Doors team at 615-348-8786 so we can answer your questions.

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